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Silver Shaving Set

The idea for the shaving set came when Simon became dissatisfied with his modern razor and purchased a traditional safety razor. He didn’t like the feel of the handle so, being a silversmith, he made his own. Out of curiosity he searched the web for hand-made silver safety razors, but could find nothing. Realising he was on to a good thing, he went on to make a first prototype for the razor, shaving brush and soap dish. The final product was developed together with his former business partner, Karen Shaw.  Lapis lazuli stones were ordered from Afghanistan and the leather case was made by Peter Bosman, a leading leather craftsman in the Netherlands using hand-picked leather.

The safety razor head and handle are beautifully balanced so that the blade glides over the skin. The shaving brush increases in size two-fold when used. This helps to create a fine lather which contributes to a smooth shave. My preference is for synthetic shaving brush knots for environmental reasons. The shaving bowl is designed to hold shaving soap from Taylor of Old Bond Street in London. Similarly, the styptic pencil from Taylor fits into the styptic pencil holder.  We recommend Feather razor blades which are made in Japan.

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